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Where you can WIN!!!


  • DIQ NOW Calls: Any consultant who is actively pursuing the position of Directorship is invited to be a part of leadership training on a conference call every Thursday morning at 7am.

  • Bombshell Booking Bee Achievers: By having 10 appointments on your datebook by the 5th of the Month. These achievers receive a Bee Pin and amazing benefits for having their schedule full for the month!!!

  • 100 Sharings Challenge:Our unit has a goal to have 100 Sharings every month between now and next Seminar in June! By achieving this goal every month our unit should grown by 20-25 unit members. This will support our goal of becoming a National Area as well. Every month that we achieve our goal of 100 sharings there will be a $100 cash drawing between the consultants who participated in the challenge.  

  • Grand Day Giveway:We have some All-Star consultants who really sell this great product! Every month there is another $100 giveaway to one consultant who sold $100 worth of product in one day. To get entered in to win this giveaway you need to post on our Unit Facebook Page after having a GRAND DAY. Every grand day that you have post on our page and you will be entered into the drawing!  Carrie Ritter was our winner for the month of July!!!

  • Recognition at your weekly Success Events:Every week you can receive praise, encouragement, training, and be a winner at your Success Events. Here is a list of the events you can attend-Monday Night Madness: 6:30-8:30 every Monday evening at our Busch Blvd. studio in Columbus, Ohio-Cleveland Rocks Events: 6:30-8:30 planned evenings at the Panera Bread in Solon, Ohio-Wild Wednesdays: 6:30-8:30 every Wedesnday evening at John Knox Pres. Church in North Canton, OhioRemember that besides receiving recognition for your work you can also bring guests to each of these events to receive their own facial/makeover while you are having a blast!

  • Building to 25 Unit Red Jackets:In conjunction with our 100 sharings challenge our unit is pushing to having 25 Red Jackets. Our goal of being a National Area and a Million Dollar Unit this year both require that we need many consultants to move into middle management!!! You deserve to wear Red and have the title STAR Team Builder. You can WIN by becoming a Record Breaking Red yourself or by helping a team member of your own do the same!  Our goal for this month is to add 5 New Red Jackets

  • Being On-Target for STAR:Through Mary Kay’s STAR program you can always find a win. As they say STARs earn cars! Even before earning a car the STAR program is a great place to win and expand your profitability. You can track yourself every month throughout the STAR quarters. Make the STAR program a WIN for you!!

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