Lindsay began her business in September 2007 while pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources full time and serving tables as a waitress in the evenings. As a 21-year-old with a hectic schedule, she decided to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant simply to get her own cosmetics at a discount & to make just a little extra spending cash.  As a new consultant, she made it very clear that she did NOT intend to pursue MK as a career because she was "too good" to "sell makeup" for a living. What she discovered as she grew in her business was shocking to her...Mary Kay was about SO much more than just "selling makeup".  It was and is truly about changing women's lives and helping them discover their full God-given potential. 


One year into her business, she graduated from college and decided that instead of pursuing a career using her degree, she would instead pursue Mary Kay as a full time career.  Just 3 short months later, the girl who once vowed to NEVER sell makeup for a living found herself driving a free car entirely paid for by Mary Kay, and just 3 months after that...was promoted to an executive in Mary Kay as an Independent Sales Director at the age of 22.  


In her 7 years with Mary Kay, Lindsay's team has now qualified for the use of 4 Mary Kay career cars, with the last being the iconic Pink Cadillac in March 2014.  Lindsay has been a member of the National Court of Sales 3 times, National Court of Sharing once & she led her unit to the $350,000 Circle of Achievement in 2014, giving her the title of a Triple Star Sales Director and qualified her to pick up 4 diamonds from MK in ONE DAY!  


Lindsay loves her business for more reasons than we can list on this page...but a few things she is most grateful for are: the powerful friendships that she has gained, the $8,000+ pay raises she's given herself every year, the thrill of knowing she'll never have to make a car payment from the age of 21-65, but most importantly...the ability she has to help other women experience financial freedom, belief in themselves and the opportunity to have, do & be anything they set their mind to.   


Her favorite quote from Mary Kay Ash is "God would not give you a dream in your heart without also giving you the ability to achieve it" and her best piece of advice is to anyone wanting to be successful in MK is to work as hard for yourself as you would for someone else.   The ONLY way to fail is to quit!  So work hard, have fun & help enough others get what they want and you will inevitably get what you want!

Lindsay Freisthler

Independent Cadillac Sales Director

Lindsay's Leading Ladies Unit  

New Albany, Ohio

"It didn't take long for these women to realize the amazing career opportunity Mary Kay provides!"

Our Story

Both of these directors started their businesses during some of the most busy and stressful periods in their lives. Both were going through tough situations and were still finishing up their college education. It didn't take long for these women to realize the amazing career opportunity Mary Kay provides. After graduation both Lindsay and Kristin decided to run after their success and quickly promoted themselves up the Mary Kay career path. Their "get it done" nature and "never give up" spirit are what have allowed them to become Mary Kay Sales Directors

Our Vision

Both of these women have dreams of creating their own National Areas in the coming years. Lindsay is working to find 5 women who desire to promote themselves to Directorship by June 2015. Kristin is desiring to find 3 women who would like to journey to Directorship by June 2015. Their vision is to Enrich & Empower the lives of women. Through this process the Bombshell National Area will be able to impact lives of countless families and the children of the next generation. We desire to give women the ability to stand up for their personal success and to never second guess their self-worth!