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New Business Debut

I scheduled a debut party, NOW WHAT?


  1. Form your list of 50 women you know to use as a invite list to your debut

  • Think of this list as anyone that you would invite to your wedding. If you need help with this reach out to your Director

  • Put a star next to the women who you would really enjoy working your Mary Kay business with.


2.  Take the time to personally invite each of these people to attend your business debut

  • Please use the unit scripts below. These words have helped many women find success

  • Try not to deviate from the scripts as they were created specifically for your new business

  • For those on your guest list who often bring young children to events, remind them that this is pampering session for women. Only children who are old enough to entertain themselves should be present without proper childcare.

  • Some people won't be able to make it to your debut. Don't worry those women will help you complete your first 30 faces in 30 days

3. Submit the online Business Debut Form(below) so your Director/recruiter can better support you at your debut


4. Make preparations for your debut

  • Have these supplies prepared (cotton pads, money bag with change, datebook filled with all of your non Mary Kay responsibilities, starter kit, light refreshment if desired, paper and pen to take notes, any product inventory for purchase) Have facial supplies set out where debut will be held. 

  • When filling out your datebook make sure to circle the times that you would like to hold upcoming Mary Kay appointments using "Pink Bubbles". This will help you to plan your glamour follow up appointments with those who are attending your debut

  • Have a designated separate room/space away from the rest of the group where you can "close" your guests individually at the end of the debut

  • Plan the specific area where you will host your debut and make sure it is clean and free from distractions

  • Have proper Mary Kay attire (dress, skirt) ready for your debut

Brittani scheduled a debut for my recruit, NOW WHAT?


1. Confirm that the set date works for your schedule

  • You aren't required to attend your recruit's debut, although it would be a great idea for you to make it a priority to attend and learn from your Director

  • Those who are working their way up the career path will soon be doing their recruits new business debuts. Attending as many of these debuts to learn will make that step even easier

2. Reach out to your recruit to support them as they are following the steps to prepare for their debut

  • Help your consultant as they form their debut guest list and guide them through when to follow up with those attending

  • Be an encouraging presence for your recruit and show your support by guiding her through the steps above as much as she might need

3. Support them to complete the Business Debut Form a week prior to their business debut

4. Be a helpful hand in making the debut a success

  • Help your recruit setup before Brittani arrives

  • Help individually close the guests of the event

  • Help your recruit clean up after the debut

  • Write down the appointments that are scheduled from the debut so you can encourage your recruit prior to those appointments

  • Take notes on how to run a successful debut

Debut Invite Scripts

Invitation Script
Hey Suzie! It's Celeste! I am so excited to teell you that I just became a Mary Kay beauty consultant! I am holding free facial and makeover party Saturday the 28th! We will have free facial and makeovers along with prize giveaways. I am doing this to " enter personal why" and your support would mean the world to me! Are you free Saturday the 28th at 6:30?

Yes Response:  Great! I can't wait to see you then. You're allowed to invite a few friends who would enjoy some pampering to join you. I'll follow up with you soon to see if you plan to have anyone coming. See you soon! 
No Response:  No problem! I'll need other appointments after my debut also. When would be a better time for you? Then offer them a few dates that work on your schedule (Pink Bubbles) as options. 

Follow-up Script:
Hi Suzie! Just calling to remind you about my business debut on Saturday the 28th. Are you planning on having anyone join you at the event?...... Okay, we will be starting at 6:30. If you could be there by 6:15 that would be great! See you then! 

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