Brittani Jenks

Pink Cadillac Top Director


I began my business Christmas Day of 2006, which is so fitting because Mary Kay has since proven to be the best gift I was ever given! Prior to starting my business I was a full time college student working three part time jobs. I was super involved in everything I did and was very busy. I remember telling my mom that I started my business and she said, "Just when do you think you’ll have time to do that". She was right, if you really looked at the hours in a day I didn’t have time to start a business, but what I have found was that we make time for things that are a priority. My business quickly became one of my priorities! 

My first month I was challenged by my Sales Director to do what is called a Power Start, where you facial 30 women in 30 days.  I took her up on the challenge and finished my 30 faces in 30 days and was able to pocket an extra $1000 just working about 8 hours that very first month! I did that same amount of work my first three months of business. By then some of my friends caught on to how much money I was making, how much fun I was having, and in turn they wanted to be a part of this amazing company. Five of them started their own businesses which helped me go on target for my first free Mary Kay car, which I earned 6 months into my business. 


I graduated from college and was trying to decide how to use my education. I feel sometimes God sends us signs and then other times he hits us upside the head with spiritual 2x4’s. Well I was hit because it quickly became clear that enriching the lives of other through Mary Kay was what I was called to do! I wanted to change lives. Ten months into business I became a Sales Director which moved me up to the top 2% of the company making an executive income. 

Today my unit and I have earned nine free Mary Kay cars with the last five being the prestigious Pink Cadillac!!!  I love what I do, not just because it has provided me with an income I would have never imagined. Instead because my mission is to change the world one woman at a time, and this business opportunity is allowing me to do that! 

I am married to an amazing “pink” man Jake. He is my rock and he loves the Mary Kay business as much as I do. Jake is also the perfect daddy to our three beautiful girls. Our mission is to become a National Area. I believe that God wouldn’t place a dream in our hearts without giving us the ability to get it done! And that’s just what we are doing, getting this National Area DONE! 


Business Accolades

  • Over 15 Gold Medal months; which means she added 5 team members in one month!

  • Earned her first career car just 6 months after starting her Mary Kay business.

  • Became a director in November 2007, just 10 months after starting her business.

  • Lead her unit to achieving On the Write Track, Fabulous 50’s and Honor’s Society in their first year as a unit making her and her unit the Triple Crown title!

  • The Bombshell unit was top 10 in the company for units debuting in her class and #1 in the emerald Seminar.

  • Their highest monthly retail was over $200,000 dollars and Brittani's top commission check for one month is over $25,000 in one month, not including sales!!

  • She is the proud Senior Director of Lindsay Freisthler, Allison Hanby, Morgan Hacker, Gloria Patterson, and Beth Gearhart.

  • Her Future Area Second Line Directors include Pam Kavali, Anissa Musil, Michelle Clark, Andrea Stone, Joelann Countryman, and Michlle Hammond.

  • Brittani and her bombshells completed the $650,000 Circle of Excellence retail club in 2020 and the Million Dollar retail club in 2021!

  • The Bombshell Unit earned the Title of #9 in Unit Production and #4 in Unit Most improved for the 2020 Seminar year.

I love the bible verse: 
Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen it gives us assurance about things we cannot see! 
Hebrews 11:1


I believe I was placed on this earth to change the lives of women!

"What a life changing journey this business has been!"

Our Story

My Mary Kay journey began when I was approached in Bed Bath and Beyond by a sharp Mary Kay beauty consultant. With a simple compliment and by offering me her business card that consultant forever changed my life. Years later I now am able to touch the lives of hundreds of women. What a life changing journey this business has been. I can't wait for what the Lord has planned next! 

Our Mission

As a soon-to-be National Area our mission is to Enrich & Empower the lives of women. Through this process the Bombshell National Area will be able to impact lives of countless families and the children of the next generation. We desire to give women the ability to stand up for their personal success and to never second guess their self-worth. By continuing the Mary Kay go give spirit we plan to never hesitate to provide women with this life changing opportunity.