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Mary Kay Superheroes


No matter what level of support you choose to provide your consultant in her business it is important that she knows where you stand. I've put together these comical "Levels of Support" as a way for you to communicate how you would like to provide support to your consultant. None of these levels are better than another. Just understand that letting your consultant know how you plan to be involved will help her more than you know. Pinpoint where you are right now and share that with her. If you ever change your support level make her aware! You're all heroes in my book! 

Level 1 Support
Level 2 Support

Robin is the consistent and dependable sidekick. You can always rely on him to have a positive attitude and to be willing to give his best effort to fight for what is good. Where he might lack in physical ability he makes up with heart. You can always count on Robin to be there no matter how tough the situation.

Examples of Robin:

  • Be a positive sounding board to his consultant during both exciting and stressful times

  • Doesn't get involved in her business enough to provide guidance but instead shows general support

  • Understands his wife's emotional cycle, and that guys process things completely differently

  • Isn't always the first to help, but is there when extra support is really needed.

  • Doesn't have or take the time to be a large part of her business but believes in her and verbalizes those feelings

Captain America
Level 3 Support

The Cap has the amazing ability to blend strength, skill, and loyalty into one amazing support system. He has moved beyond just his own best interests and has decided to use his skills for the good of others. He is known for going into situations that others would shy away from. He has learned enough about Mary Kay to verbally support his consultant and is always the one who goes the extra mile!

Examples of Captain America:

  • This hero expects to have responsibilities (at home or elsewhere) that allow for his consultant to be more successful

  • He knows the "Meeting Night" is "Home Night". And if he respects her attending events/appointments then she might make that night "better" for him also!

  • Captain America is highly trained to know when and how to show support and is always looking for a way to improve

  • He is willing to admit when he is wrong and when he hasn't done his job well. As he knows that a healthy relationship always makes for a more successful business woman.

Captain America might not be the strongest of the Heroes but his desire to do what is right through learning, planning, and experience makes him one of the most dependable Heroes. 


Hulk is the macho man of the Mary Kay super heroes. He will do anything to be supportive without feeling he is less tough for doing it. During tough times he just gets stronger, but often struggles to know what he should smash. This guy will do anything possible to protect those that he cares about but lacks the desire/time to learn enough to be more supportive. 

Examples of Hulk:

  • Hulk is almost always willing to help, but lacks the desire/time to learn how to help

  • Strong in will power and will never back down

  • Brutally honest and is willing to back up his words

  • If he is on your side, he is ON YOUR SIDE

  • Passionate but often not sure how to use his strength/support. 
    Careful, Hulk doesn't always know if his strength is doing more harm than good. Often deep down there is a super supportive genius on his inside if he can just let him out!

Level 4 Support

This character is certainly a Dark Knight in the Pink world. Batman possesses the passion to be supportive, the willingness to do what is it takes, and the skills to be effective. He might not be widely know as the person who saved the day but truly is the "hero" for his consultant. He no longer needs the encouragement or training to know what is right and supportive, but instead makes his own plans as to how to make a difference. You might not see him in the spotlight, but if you could see behind the scene her business wouldn't be the same without him. 

Examples of Batman:

  • Takes a stand for her business by openly talking about his consultant's business and maybe even carrying her business cards around

  • Wants more for his consultant and is attune to her needs/desires. He even supports her when making tough decisions. Batman doesn't shy away from making the correct decision even if it means having faith. 

  • Would be the first to motivate his consultant to be the best she can be. Is willing to put her passions and desires ahead of his own for the greater good. 

  • Shows respect to her business, making sure to keep her meeting nights safe and treats her heart for her business as something to be protected. Regularly expects his wife to be out of the home a couple times a week to pursue her dreams.

Batman is such an important character but isn't often in the lime light. He will do what is needed even if it means self-sacrifice to accomplish the greater good. He is good from the inside out.

Level 5 Support

The most selfless of all the heroes is the Man of Steel, Superman. He is willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good. He shows his power both physically and through mental/emotional strength. Superman is always willing to give up what is good for what is best in the life of his family and business. He has the unique ability to see the bigger picture, envision the future, and makes decisions in the present that will define what is to come. The Man of Steel always seems to pull off the impossible through his true belief in what is good and his never ending fight for what is right for his consultant. He is often unrealistic in the best of ways!

Examples of Superman:

  • Superman has moved beyond the abilities of typical heroes. He is always working to help his consultant reach her true potential.

  • He has the strength and desire to do whatever is necessary to see the future of his consultant be more than she could have done on her own. 

  • He doens't question the sacrifice as long as the end result is success on the highest level. Superman always sees the best in everyone but often is called to pretect his consultant from themselves

  • Has the vision to help her foresee what is to come and make the correct decisions to help that become her reality.

There is no earthly match to the power/support of Superman. Although, his only true kryptonite is the heart of his consultant and the love that he has for making her wildest dreams a reality. 

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