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All new consultants are encouraged to take the time to watch these New Consultant Training videos within their first month of business. You will receive amazing training on many topics including the use of your Mary Kay Intouch website, how to think and act like a business owner, how to fill out and submit your weekly accomplishment sheet, and so much more! Make it priority to listen and learn form these videos as soon as possible as they will provide you great support in your first weeks of business!!

Video Training

New consultant training - Bombshell Unit

Bombshell Beginners

The P's

The 4 B's

Winning in your business

How to process an order from your website

How to process a card with ProPay

21 day booking challenge

Taking/Utilizing Before & After Photos

Weekly Accomplishment Sheets

4 hour plan

80/40 hostess program

Glamour with your hostess

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