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Everything You Need For Your Launch Party!

Launch Party Check List.jpg
First, follow this checklist
Here are the scripts to help you invite guests:
Launch Party Booking Script:


Hey (their name!) I’m super excited! 🎉I just started a Mary Kay business and I get to hold a launch party where we get together on a fb live and go through an amazing skin care routine, like spa treatments and all!! 🧖‍♀️I’m allowed to invite friends to receive a goodie bag in the mail that can attend my party (date and time)! Are you free so I can mail you a goodie bag?

Initial Facebook Post:

🤩Hey everyone! 🎉Super excited! 💗I just started my Mary Kay business and I am holding my first virtual spa session on (date and time)! If you can attend and would like a free spa pampering goodie bag comment below and I will start reaching out for your info! ❤️

What to do if someone can't make it to your launch:
If any of your guests cannot join you launch party, you’ll want to check out our weekly sessions and get them booked for one of these sessions.
Weekly Guest Events -
Sunday - Beauty Sleep Sundays @8:30 pm EDT
Evening skin care session great for customers who have never tried Mary Kay before or it has been a while - This takes place in our Beauty Sleep Sunday Facebook Group
If your guest cannot make it to your Launch Party, this would be a great alternative for them to attend!
Tuesday - Special Sessions @8:30pm EDT
A new, fun event every week - This takes place in our Bombshell Elite's Product Sneak Peek Facebook Group
These sessions are great for getting your customers exposed to other products offered! 
*Go to our Bombshell Unit Facebook Group and check the pinned post at the top of the announcements to see our calendar of upcoming events for the next month (this is updated every month with the new Tuesday sessions and other important dates)
Thursday - Lush Hydra Spa @8:30 pm EDT
Advanced spa treatment that makes a great second appointment for customers already using a basic skin care routine - This takes place in our Lush Hydra-Spa Experience Facebook Group

Leading up to your launch, you'll want to send these reminders to your guest:

Reminder Text (send 3-5 days before launch party):

🖤A few things to do to make sure you are ready for the party.
✔️Make sure you are connected to my Mary Kay group page. This is where the party will take place!! 

(Add your link here)
✔️Write down any questions you might have about our products.
✔️Let me know as soon as you receive your goodies in the mail!

I will send you a reminder next week with additional info!!

Reminder Text (send the day before launch party):

👋Hello! I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is my launch party. It starts at (your time here) so make sure you are on Facebook at that time to get on the live show.
🥳You’ll need a bowl of warm water and a washcloth. Make sure you comment A LOT so you can get entries in a drawing for $200 cash!🎉You can start now by commenting on the post my director Brittani made on my page!! Can’t wait for you to get pampered🥰

Reminder Text (send 1/2 hour before launch party):

🤩1/2 hour from start time!! Make sure your hair is out of your face, and you have your washcloth and water ready. Comment like crazy, ask questions, whatever you can to get the most comments at the end of the night!!🖤 The party will last around an hour. “See” you there!!
Here’s is the link- include the link to your group! (Include your link here)

Launch party closing explanation
Read the below prior to your launch party:


Find a hype person and be sure to comment and create interaction during your launch party! You commenting and thanking people for jumping on allows for more interaction! Ask a friend or relative to be the first to comment sold or to really get the comments rockin' because it helps create the vibe for the night! 


Listen to this before your party just to help with the closing!  It’s super important to follow up with them right away using the 4bs! Buy, book, besties, become a consultant! 

This is the link to my calendar to sign people up for Pink Possibility Chats!

What to do if someone joins your team during your launch?

When you have people join your team from your launch party you will go to your InTouch webpage, then business tools, then online agreements, then email an invite! If they do it before midnight that night they get a charcoal mask as a gift from me! 


Be sure either they or you fill out this link to get the sign on bonus gift from me!

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