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What's Next?


For those who really enjoy having a plan of attack, here is some information you might like. Most of us guys like to create strategy in business. This page should give you some helpful information on the steps your consultant will likely take during different stages in her business growth. This information should be used cautiously. Women are strong and emotional creatures so I advise you use this knowledge to be more supportive, not demanding. When you know your consultant is working on one of these steps this should help you to understand and support her more effectively!


I just scheduled my new business debut


  1. Form your list of 50 women you know to use as an invite list to your debut

  • Think of this list as anyone that you would invite to your wedding. If you need help with this reach out to your Director

  • Put a star next to the women who you would really enjoy working your Mary Kay business with.


2.  Take the time to personally invite each of these people to attend your business debut

  • Please use the unit scripts on this website. These words have helped many women find success

  • Try not to deviate from the scripts as they were created specifically for your new business

  • For those on your guest list who often bring young children to events, remind them that this is pampering session for women. Only children who are old enough to entertain themselves should be present without proper childcare.

  • Some people won't be able to make it to your debut. Don't worry those women will help you complete your first 30 faces in 30 days


3. Make preparations for your debut

  • Have these supplies prepared (cotton pads, money bag with change, datebook filled with all of your non Mary Kay responsibilities, starter kit, light refreshment if desired, paper and pen to take notes, any product inventory for purchase) Have facial supplies set out where debut will be held. 

  • When filling out your datebook make sure to circle the times that you would like to hold upcoming Mary Kay appointments using "Pink Bubbles". This will help you to plan your glamour follow up appointments with those who are attending your debut

  • Have a designated separate room/space away from the rest of the group where you can "close" your guests individually at the end of the debut

  • Plan the specific area where you will host your debut and make sure it is clean and free from distractions

  • Have proper Mary Kay attire (dress, skirt) ready for your debut


I feel like I need more training in my business


There are many ways to receive training for your Mary Kay business. We recognize that consultants learn in different ways. Here are some examples of where to receive training.

  • Most important: One on one with your Sales Director and recruiter

       -The most helpful training you can receive is face to face with those who have found success in their own

         Your director and/or recruiter want you to be successful so don't hesitate to seek more specific training from
         them. They never mind hearing from you and will always be excited to answer your questions

  • Weekly Success Events

       -A close second to one on one training with your Director are the group trainings that are provided at your
        weekly success events. These events provide training for New Consultants and for Seasoned Consultants. 
        You can even bring guests to these events so they can receive a free facial and learn about the career 

        opportunity while you are learning. We call that "Learning while you're Earning"! Another expression is those

        that "Show Up" to these events are the ones who "Go Up" in their business. 

  • Unit Website
    -This website has many helpful tools to educate consultants. Everything from party example videos, to webinar training, to a flip chart that gives you the words to use at your appointments! There is so much knowledge that can be gained here if you just take some time to read and listen.

  • Observing Mary Kay parties

       - Another great way to learn how to be more effective with your business is to follow fellow beauty consultants
         to their appointments. If you can't find a time to follow your Director make it a priority to follow your 
        recruiter to a few of her parties. The basics of Mary Kay don't change, the selling of the product is the same for 

        everyone. Learning how to be more effective with showing the products is always helpful.

  • Silver Wings Scholar Program on your Mary Kay Intouch webpage

      - Mary Kay corporate has created and amazing training program that you access on your Intouch webpage. You

         can spend hours learning more about specific topics. This is just one more resource if you enjoy self-guided 



I am desiring to increase my income with my business


Mary Kay as a business is not "magical" it is "mathmatical". There are business averages in Mary Kay so don't feel like you need to re-invent the wheel. If you are ever wanting to increase your personal business income then you need to up your activity level.
Here are the areas to increase to produce better results:

  • Hold more skincare parties

  • Share with more women about the career opportunity (typically at your parties)

  • Attend more Success Events and always bring guests

  • Always keep the doors to your business open

  • Be open to sharing your business while out in the community (Warm chattering)

  • Take every opportunity to learn and always be open to advice on how to be more effective

  • Genuinely care about filling a need at your oppointments, instead of just making a sale


I would like to promote myself to another level


Unlike most other career paths being promoted in the Mary Kay world is a personal decision. There is nobody else other than you that can decide and make the effort to change your title. This is both exciting and a big responsibilty. Thankfully you have your leaders who are there to encourage and provide you support as you pursue your business goals. 
How to I get a promotion in my Mary Kay business?

  • This might sound repetitive from the last topic but you need to increase you level of activity

  • By holding more appointments/parties you are able to meet more women. You will then also have more 
    referrals which lead you to more appointments

  • As you continue this process you should take every opportunity to schedule sharing appointments with each 
    person you have shown the products

  • When you add team members you are self promoting yourself up the career path. 


Your Director is an expert at this promotion process and would love to help you create a gameplan for your promotions. She will also help you share with your leads as you work to grow your team. Always realize by enriching more women's lives, through sharing this career opportunity, you will move up the career path. Filling the needs in the lives of women is your best business plan!


I want to become a Mary Kay Sales Director


The position of Sales Director in Mary Kay places you in the top 2% of all Beauty Consultants. More importantly this position is a leadership role and a responsibility to be taken seriously. When you are ready to make this jump you can expect a considerable increase in your personal income (300%) and also a shift in your priorities. Mary Kay's philosophy has always been "Faith first, Family second, and Career third". When entering the DIQ process these priorities need to be in place for you to be successful.

Here is a brief description of the Director in Qualification (DIQ) process:

  1. To be eligible to submit for DIQ you must have 10 active consultants on your team

       -Yes this is a sumbission process. Mary Kay wants to know you are commiting to this leadership position

  2. The DIQ qualification is completed over a max of 4 months. It can be completed in less time (some people in

       one to three months) but you have 4 months to fulfill the following requirements

  • Grow your team from 10 consultants to 24

  • Maintain a monthly unit order production of $4,500 between you and your team ($18,000 over 4 months)

  3.  This qualification will not be completed on your own. Your Sales Director will guide you through this process as

        she followed these same qualifications to her position as a Director also! Rely on her guidance and support
        as a DIQ but never forget it's your hard work and perserverance that will make you succeed. 


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