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Money Management:

Your first 48 hours to Business Success!


Know how to get leads-  

  • Make a list of 50 people you know with skin

  • Warm Chatter Script from video      

  • Community Fish Bowls  

  • Referrals- Script is in the 21 day booking packet & Here is a referral sheet that you can use at parties and virtually!


Book them-


21 day booking scripts- Download here

Debut Booking Scripts:

Hey (their name)! It's (your name)! I'm super excited, I just started my Mary Kay business and I scheduled my first party on, (date, time, at location). I would absolutely love for you to be there because (genuine compliment)! Are you free on (date at time?)


If they say yes, tell them they can bring a few friends) The real work is in the follow up! Follow up with them to remind them and also ask for their skin type so you can be prepared for their debut!


If they say no, say " that's okay! When would be a good time for us to get together?!" Pause for a quick second and then give them options of when you do your appointments! Say I am free (give the dates you are free) which of those would work best for you? They will pick, then pick a time by saying, great! What time would work best, 5 or 6? (Give options that work for you) Then book the location! If you want to go to them just ask, what is your address? If you want them to come to you, give them your address! If you don’t care, ask what would work best for you? Me come to you or you come to me? Then, and this is the key! You always want to turn all of your facials into a party! Here is how you do it- Oh and by the way (her name) you are allowed to share your appointment with up to 5 friends! Can you think of anyone that would love a complimentary facial and makeover? Now you’ve turned a facial into a party! 


How to do a facial-

  • Join our weekly guest events!

  • Follow your recruiter!

  • Follow your Sales Director!


Share the Opportunity-
Your "I" story: Share with them what you did prior to Mary Kay, your goals with Mary Kay and what you have already gained from your Mary Kay business. 


Sharing Opportunity Sheet: Download Here


Close the sale-


Learn to gain confidence-

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